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Universiti Putra Malaysia social expert Prof Mohammad Shatar Sabran said a study he conducted found that 85% of respondents who indulged in sex were prompted by the fun factor.

He said it was an indication that they were not clear about the negative implications of their actions.

“The syllabus on sex education must be improved to create more awareness and simultaneously make them (the target group) more cautious of sexual immorality," he said.

Parent Action Group for Education Malaysia chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim said (liberal) sexual relations could be prevented early via parental guidance in every home.

As such, he said sex education must be taught to all age levels before adulthood.“Sexual development in the growing years is different at every stage and we must be able to deal with it,” added Prof Mohamed Fadzil.

He suggested that a suitable term be coined for sex education because the word “sex” had a negative and sensitive connotation.


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